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Euphoria over WordPress.com August 30, 2005

Posted by JalanSutera.com™ in Blog.

Most of WordPress users are now caught by a feeling of great happiness or euphoria. They are very happy because of WordPress.com, a hosted service provide by the creator of WordPress, the semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. As of late August, WordPress.com is still under beta testing and a few invites have been handed out to people inviting them to test drive the new site.

Lorelle VanFossen, a volunteer working on publicity and promotion as well as helping with the WordPress Codex and Forum , gives us a clear explanation about what can you do, or not do, with your WordPress.com site.

Although I have no invitation to create an account on WordPress.com, it seems I do not want to hunt or beg to others for an invitation. I am a lucky guy with no programming knowledge who is able to explore the advantages of WordPress. I think it is enough for me to have a weblog powered by WordPress and it is running well. I have to wait and be patience until the release of WordPress 1.6 and I will use that on my own server. I agree with Lorelle that when WordPress.com gets up and running, it will be very exciting. Let me wait and see…

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1. Lorelle - August 30, 2005

Your attitude is one of the best. While wordpress.com is exciting and the hype is really powerful and attractive, the wait for WordPress 1.6 to use on your full WordPress site is going to be well worth the wait.

Blogging will seem almost simplistically easy, and yet very powerful. I don’t know all the details, but it seems that some new template tags and features will make customizing your site, something not available for wordpress.com users, even better. And there are so many great plugins available for full-version WordPress users – I think WordPressMU driven sites like wordpress.com are fantastic as training wheels blogging. When you want to host your own, and customize it down to the smallest detail, then WordPress is where it is at.

Isn’t is wonderful, though, to have the choice! WordPress gets more exciting every day.

2. Eric - August 30, 2005

Actually, right now, to use wordpress.com you don’t even have to know anything about programming since you can’t even see your own HTML and CSS :) Just use it and experience it and just have fun. At least that’s what I do. (I do give them some feedback but mostly it got to do with the usability and not the programming) Don’t worry whatever version you are using, it still looking good. I’ve been thinking. If you use imageroll for your header it’ll be nice. Since I like some of your previous header images why don’t you show it all? :) Just a thought.

3. NgaduTrafik 2007 - April 21, 2007

It’s been almost 2 years since you posted this.. and wordpress has now released its 2.1.3 version.
Gotta say that it’s still the best CMS application around..


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