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Send My Name to Pluto August 30, 2005

Posted by JalanSutera.com™ in Blog.

According to Slasdot.org NASA is preparing to send the New Horizons probe to Pluto. It will be the first earth device to get intimate with the icy planet. And you can be there too – or, at least, your name. NASA is asking everyone to send them their names, which will be attached in the space device. The New Horizons probe will be launched in January 2006 to explore Pluto and the Kuiper belt, in the outskirts of the Solar System. It is expected that the probe will return to earth in approximately 50 thousand years.”

The result is:

Shedding Light on Frontier Worlds

Participation Certificate

Presented to


On August 29, 2005

Thank you for joining the first mission to the last planet! A compact disc bearing your name will be included on the New Horizons spacecraft, set for the first voyage to a new class of planets on the solar system’s farthest frontier.

Come with us as we complete the reconnaissance of the solar system and unlock the secrets of Pluto, its moon, Charon, and the Kuiper Belt.

Certificate No. 266342

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1. Eric - August 30, 2005

That is awesome although I don’t know why we should send our name to Pluto if it’s to return later. It would be cool if they leave our name on the planet surface. Who know if there are some intelligent lifeforms out there, then they’ll get to know you. At least your name :D Do you leave your address or e-mail?

2. kirsty rebekah jade wallace - November 20, 2005

hia thankyou for sending my name to pluto it means alot to me even though i am only 13 years old (at this moment at least !!!!!!!!!!! ) i am glad that this idea has been invented as it gives people something to look forward to !!!!!!!! THANKYOU !!!

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