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Matt is Leaving Cnet October 21, 2005

Posted by JalanSutera.com™ in Blog.

matt mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg, the guy behind WordPress which powered this weblog, is leaving his current job at CNET. Matt joined CNET in October 2004. One year after he joined Cnet, he will leave it and will totally focus on WordPress.com, WordPress.org, bbPress, a WordPress non-profit, Ping-O-Matic, and a few unnamed projects.

I remember reading an interview of Digital Web Magazine (DW) with Matt about WordPress on November 2004:

DW: Other than the usual reasons, why did you decide to make WordPress open source, GPL-licensed as opposed to a licensed plan?

MM: If you do anything for the money you end up selling out. Do what you love, what you can’t not do, and the money will follow.

I think the WordPress value to the community as a GPL extension of what came before is a million times more valuable than whatever pittance I would have gotten from doing a proprietary thing. The benefits I’ve gotten personally from focusing on what I love have been numerous, and go beyond the purely monetary.

Goodluck, Matt! You have choose your bests!

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1. Syahrani - October 22, 2005

Is it 1004? Perhaps 2004?

2. kusaeni - October 23, 2005

yang Anda maksud mungkin … matt masuk ke Cnet pada Oktober 2004 , bukan oktober 1004.

BTW sip Matt , terima kasih atas segala kontribusi nya.

3. kere kemplu - October 23, 2005

Matt emang tobb…

4. jalansutera - October 24, 2005

kusaeni, Anda benar. bukan 1004 melainkan 2004. blogger juga manusia, punya salah juga :D

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