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Riya, the Killer of Flickr November 11, 2005

Posted by JalanSutera.com™ in Blog.

I love Flickr. It has many features that enable us to manage photo album easily. But, wait… Wired News has just written an article about the upcoming of a new application called Riya.

Riya has a group of determined face recognitionand text recognition researchers and engineers who believe it is time for a new type of photo search that uses technology to look inside and automatically tag photos. Riya hope this will revolutionize how people “see” the world.

The service is still in Alpha testing, and you MUST use Internet Explorer from Microsoft. Otherwise, a message appear when you surf:

During the alpha testing, we only support IE6. By our beta, we will support Firefox. We know, we know…if you are a Firefox fanatic and want to tell us off, do it here

Let’s see the upcoming of Flickr killer!

The Demolition Man is Dead! November 10, 2005

Posted by JalanSutera.com™ in Blog.

One of Southeast Asia’s most wanted terrorists apparently blew himself up Wednesday to escape capture when an elite security unit attacked his hideout, the national police chief said. Two other suspected militants were thought killed in the blast.

Known as the “Demolition Man” for his expertise with explosives, Azahari bin Husin was a key figure in Jemaah Islamiyah, a terror network with links to al-Qaeda that has been blamed for a series of deadly bombings as well as failed plots in Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore.


SideNotes November 1, 2005

Posted by JalanSutera.com™ in Blog.

I have just installed a plugin called fQuick, a plugin created by Fredrik Fahlstad. By using this plugin I am able to add small custom quicklinks to the sidebar. Moreover, this plugin also provides RSS feed for my Sidenotes.

Go get the plugin if you are a WordPress user.